To Suzanne

David: Paris 18/10/1974

I love them all, the many complete parts

That blend together to form my Suzanne,

Despite ten years the youthful qualities-

Vivacity, sweetness and glowing charm remain.

And added too are sincere affection

For her friends, a love of God and life

I am the most fortunate of all the men.

That she chose to be my wife



David: South Africa 1997

Soaring above the clouds so high,

The morning sun a bright red orb in the hazy sky,

I think of you, and lots of peaceful things to do,

Our garden growing in the sun,

The weeds you pull out one by one.

It sometimes seems so far away,

And many times I count each day,

To return to enjoy your charms

And snugly nestle in your arms.

Instead of scorching, searing heat

That I know in tropical Africa I’ll meet.

I know I leave you stuck at home,

While the world geological scene I roam.

I’ll be more selective next year

And stay at home with my dear, dear,


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