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Scientists discover Arctic warming of Greenland ice sheet driven by geothermal activity

Another example of a geological process driving processes attributed to anthropogenic climate change.

The Carrington Event

Climate change is gradual and not catastrophic. However, a large solar flare could be the real apocalypse for our modern satellite-reliant and digital world.
Read The Digital Apocalypse to see what could happen.

Destiny on Magic White Mountan

Austin Macauley have just released my new novel Destiny on Magic White Mountain: a mystical story with a gold exploration background set in China. It could become a collector’s item as an extremely rare example of an adult novel published in both English and Mandarin.

Naughty In Australai

Get a feel for Naughty in Australia, my latest book, by looking at the this video: Naughty in Australia – YouTube

Austin Macauley Publishers

Austin Macauley established author feature, David Ian Groves Home | David Ian Groves (

Naughty in Australia

Naughty in Australia is now available from the publishers, Austin Macauley.
Or in Kindle format from Amazon,