Global Green Up Slows Warming

Desertification in NE Brazil due to overpopulation, over-farming, and other poor practices.

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Climate Predictions

How did they go?

18 years after its publication, Dr. John Robson fact-checks the predictions in the Canadian government’s 2001 pamphlet warning of increased pollution, falling St. Lawrence water levels, crop failure and other things that should have happened by now.

What is the Truth About Climate change?

I hope the planet does measurably cool in the next few years; though without cooling so much as to cause famines. I want the alarmists, The Greens and the ABC, among others, to suffer embarrassment, not for the world’s vulnerable to suffer. For there is no doubt that even a mini-ice age would cause devastation for communities dependent on agriculture. Ice can kill as surely as fire.

Despite Warnings of Impending Catastrophies It appears that they are not increasing
Most deaths are caused by geological (NOT climate) events such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Is climate science the new religion of our time? Global cooling, not warming is the danger to humans

A map of CO2 emissions from the oceans, the red and yellow areas show the highest emissions, many of these are deep-water upwelling areas.

Why do we only hear reports of global warming despite reports of cooling instead?

Scientists continued defying the “unprecedented” global warming narrative by publishing nearly 150 papers  in 2020 that show large regions of the Earth
(a) haven’t warmed in recent decades,
(b) were as-warm or warmer within the last several centuries, and/or
(c) were 1-7°C warmer than today just a few millennia ago.


Disbelieve if you can!