cropped-digroves_400x400.jpg Born in Brighton, England, David was educated at Varndean Grammar School before migrating to Australia. He gained first-class BSc Honours and PhD degrees at the University of Tasmania before joining the University of Western Australia. He was rapidly promoted to Professor and Director of a major research centre, winning numerous medals and awards for his research and research publications in Economic Geology, including papers in the prestigious journal Nature and Scientific American. He was awarded an Honorary DSc from the University of Western Australia and was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. As Emeritus Professor, he commenced writing novels with his first published work being The Digital Apocalypse. Naughty in Pink is his first children’s novel, based on stories told to his grandchildren. The Plagues’ Protocol is his first cerebral thriller involving a “geological detective” who uses his unique geological thought processes to solve mysteries that baffle law enforcement agencies. David has recently been named National Geoscience Champion by the Australian Geoscience Council and hope that The Plagues’ Protocol becomes the first in a series of novels that promote the power of geoscience worldwide.

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