From the day of her birth, Daisy Dikdocks has ‘Pinkitis’—a condition which spells out a life as Naughty in Pink. With her clever mind and expressive face, she is a challenge to all those in authority, including her mum, never quite disobeying but finding ways to create mayhem wherever she goes. Her special friends love her naughty attitude and her ability to think up funny pranks and clever tricks that she performs on their teachers. Her mischief at school and outside makes life exciting and fun for all of them when Daisy is around. Her school principal, Sister Thelma, believes that Daisy is leader of a gang that is causing all the trouble at school. She is resolved to outwit Daisy, discover the gang and stop all the nonsense with the threat of a single large bottle marked ‘SLIME’ on her desk. But will she be able to link Daisy to the havoc at the school? Or will Daisy be able to outwit her principal and preserve her gang of special friends?

Cerebral Thriller


In 2023, a series of extraordinary events, with unclear religious terrorist connotations, unfold at iconic USA locations. US President Caitlin Custer forms a team from the new Bureau of Anti-Terrorism (BAT) to identify and apprehend the instigators. As even more serious incidents hit across the USA, the resultant media frenzy centers on the predictions of an evangelical preacher that a series of biblical plagues will punish an increasingly Godless nation. This initiates panic as the population starts to believe that the plagues have descended. The BAT team are baffled by the lack of forensic evidence and a clear motive for the ‘plagues’ and cannot identify the instigators. As they investigate, the action swings across the globe with assistance from an unexpected quarter. The key question remains: Will the perpetrators be identified and apprehended in time to thwart the threat to national security and to ensure continued support for Caitlin Custer’s presidency?

tda_The plot for ‘The Digital Apocalypse’ was conceived after reading ‘Heaven and Earth’ written by Ian Plimer. Winston Frobisher, a social historian, experiences triumphs and tragedies as he navigates through an increasingly digital world of unprecedented social and technological change that challenges his basic principles of love and life. Adam Lampton, influenced by his experiences with aid workers in Africa, commits to a course of direct action to slow the advance of famine, pollution and habitat destruction that threatens the future of a voracious, rapidly growing human population. Individually, their lives are thrown upside down by the unpredictable conjunction of man-induced and natural phenomena that threatens the planet. Will one or both emerge to influence the future?