Naughty In Pink background




How did your come to write your book?

I have always been the storyteller to my children and grandchildren, mostly reading published children’s books. My eldest grandson, Matthew, loved me to make up stories and so I started a series of nightly tales of Daisy Dikdocks, “Naughty in Pink”, having to become more inventive as Matthew became older and James got to reading age. When I commenced writing novels, one of my former PhD students suggested I write children’s novels as they were in high demand. I then decided to write “Naughty in Pink” based on my stories. I got inspiration from my granddaughter Kate who loves pink and from my grandson Joshua who told me of all the tricks he would like to do, but didn’t dare, at primary school. He also introduced me to the science of “fartology”.

The characters in the novel are inspired by my interaction with my younger grandchildren, Kate and Josh, the children of Iain and Fiona Groves; Olivia and Gian, the grandchildren of Vince and Rose Ban; and Elly, the daughter of Lingling Yang.


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