The Plagues’ Protocol background



How did your come to write your book?

My postgraduate students always joked that much of my science was like fiction because of my love for the English language involving words that no-one else understood. When I retired, I determined to fulfil a long-term ambition to be a novelist. I had always considered that geologists have a different thought process to other people because our subject is global and is strongly reliant on considerations of scale and time. Most global problems remain unresolved because they are tackled at too small a scale and too short a time-frame: this problem is accelerating in my opinion.

Hence I decided to write a novel about a conspiracy that would be best resolved by a ‘geological detective’: a mineral exploration geologist who understands the importance of mineral resources in continental to global conflicts and has some knowledge of economics. I devised a plot in which I could use my geological experience in Africa and South America with my experiences as a tourist in the USA.

I have been recently named a National Geoscience Champion by the Australian Geoscience Council and am hoping that my “geological detective” novels help present geologists in a good light to the wider public.

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